Downloads Applications

The download files are executables and can be run from the File Download Window or the file can be saved to your computer and setup, run by double clicking on the file.

Depreciation Pro V6.0 (DeprPro.exe - 4.7 megabits)
MTW F/A Manger V4.0 (MtwFaMgr.exe - 5.6 megabits)
Request CD

A FREE CD is available which contains all the applications. To receive your copy E-mail us with your mailing address. We only ship with in the United States.

DownLoad Instructions

CHROME -  will show the download file at the bottom left of your browser. Once it has finished downloading click on it and select run. If you want to install it later you can find the file in your download folder.

FIREFOX - click the save file button on the popup dialog. From the downloads screen double click on the file to install it.

IE - shows the download file at the bottom of your browser select run, or click save to put a copy in your download folder.

Note: Microsoft SmartScreen filter will show that most files are harmful to download.  If you get the message that this is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer, then click the Action Button on the dialog. Select the More Options and then the Run Anyway Button to install.

On older browsers click the run button on the popup download dialog, or click save to put a copy of the file on your PC.
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